A family home with past, present and future

Mas del Serranet has been awarded with the exclussive recognition “Biosphere reserve of Terres de l’Ebre”

Terres de l'Ebre. Biosphere Reserve

Mas del Serranet was built at the beginning of the 20th Century

Francisco Roig Carbó, born in 1893, was its founder as stated in the record of Viarnets in Horta de Sant Joan 

In 2018, three generations later within the Serranets family, we started this complete renovation. Mas del Serranet has been totally renovated trying to maintain its original elements as much as possible, for instance the large stone stove, the wine press, the typical plaster used in the region country houses as well as the staircase carved in stone.

The renovation

This integral renovation has lasted for nine months

The Mas del Serranet renovation has been integral. All the roof has been replaced, all walls have been restored; the livestock pens have been converted into rooms, the old hay loft has also been converted into a bedroom and the garden has been redesigned so it settles with the environment.

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